A wedding/Bar-Mitzvah/Sweet 16/ Special Event is a sacred event that one should remember and cherish for a lifetime. In the end, what is it that all of your guests will remember? The Food? The Hall? The Tuxedos?  Most likely… it’s the entertainment. So why not provide you and your guests with the best time that could possibly be had by making your special event rock hard with GREEN MACHINE?

     With over 20 years experience Green Machine will be the life of your party, for the party of your life. Combined with a professional DJ or just on their own, the band will captivate your guests from the beginning of the cocktail hour to the sound of the last note played.

     Starting with either a beautiful live acoustic performance, or recorded tracks for your cocktail hour, your guests will know that this is no ordinary event. Teamed up with or without vocals, the professional guitar players of Green Machine will either blend into the background, or involve your guests in a sing along session that will prime them for a night they will not soon forget.

   Not your typical "tuxedo wedding band" Green Machine is an interactive LIVE rock wedding band that will grab even the shyest of your guests and have them singing along to the hits that they sing only when they are alone in their car. Playing everything from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, they will not miss a beat and the music is never interrupted by a lot of unnecessary talk.

     Your Professional MC / lead singer reaches out to you and your guests making sure that no one is left out of the show. With the help of "party motivators" affectionately known as "The Emerald Girls" (not mandatory) no guest at this special event will be able to resist the dance floor.

    From the rocking grand entrance, to the candle lighting ceremony, and from the tossing of the bouquet to the special dance with Mom or Dad, your MC will guide you and your guests through an event that will be talked about for years to come.

   So why not take a break from the norm and do something different? Anyone can have a party, but only Green Machine can deliver a memorable event that you are in control of.


GREEN MACHINE…The life of the party, for the party of your life!!!

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